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Where i can i change the icons on the side menu at Sarahmarket theme 3?

Question: Need change these icons below

Solution: you must:

  1. Create the icon that you want. Recommended size is 25x25 pixel
  2. Set the name of this icon is "name image" = "name collection" and image .png format.
    Example: want make the icon for "Sports & Outdoors" , you must set the name of this collection is "sports-outdoors.png" , replace spacing space ' ' and special text by '-'
  3. Upload this icon into Assets folder

Choose files or drag and drop files
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  1. Jin Alkaid

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  1. Abdul Samad

    its ok, Uploaded asset, but you didn't tell where to paste link of the said asset, I mean in which liquid file or in which html file we should paste the link of uploaded png file, Please update. 

  2. Rui Mamede


    I dont know why, i never had the icons there, how can i add?